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US suspension of high school students go to supermarkets, pharmacies to work part-time by the way

Schools across the nation by the epidemic affect closed on the occasion, some high school students in order to supplement the family, had to go out to work, etc. have invested Chaojishichang continued to maintain the operation of the “necessary business.” This group of teenagers worked hard in masks and became a new force during the virus pandemic.

The Beaverton School District Community Transition Program in Oregon posted a Facebook page last month in recognition of high school student Daniel who was a full-time employee at the local branch of Daniel during the suspension .

The Facebook statement on the Facebook page pointed out that during the period of home evasion, some students became necessary industry workers and continued to stick to their jobs. Daniel is an example. After Announced the suspension of statewide schools from Oregon in March this year, Daniel went to Xihuihui as a full-time employee. Because of his hard work, he was also praised by the employer as the “Best Employee of the Month”.

The statement read: “Thank you for everything! We are proud of you.”

Although the school was closed, 17-year-old Boston high school student Milani Cardona (Melany Cardona) got up at 6 o’clock every day, put on a mask and went out to work at the CVS pharmacy chain. When interviewed by the local radio station WBUR, she said that more and more consumers are paying more attention to maintaining social distance, “When they ask us something, they will not stand too close. If we need our help, they will also avoid it . “

Another high school student, Casey Browne, said in an interview: “I never thought such a thing would happen, or it happened when I was 17, that is, I would become a necessary industry employee. “

Broni worked at the Roche Bros. Super Branch. Since the outbreak, the number of working hours has increased every week. In the store, he supports various tasks. In addition to wearing masks, gloves and protective masks at work . Affected by the epidemic, Broni’s original hourly salary of 12.75 yuan increased by 2 yuan.

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