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Thailand announced the opening of some shops and venues on Sunday

Thailand’s new coronary pneumonia epidemic has shown signs of easing. The number of confirmed single-digit diagnoses has been increased for 4 consecutive days, with a total of 2954 confirmed cases. The authorities announced that some shops and facilities will be reopened on Sunday, but night curfews and alcohol prohibitions will remain in place until the end of May.

Some small shops such as roadside stalls can be reopened from Sunday. 

The authorities announced the reopening of some commercial activities and venues on Sunday, including small shops, roadside stalls, fresh goods markets, bazaars, floating markets, supermarkets, convenience stores, mobile phone stores, parks and outdoor sports facilities. However, department stores, theaters, gymnasiums, etc. are still closed to prevent people from gathering.

However, the curfew will continue from 10:00 every night to 4:00 in the morning of the following day, and non-local flights will continue to be unable to land. The authorities warned that if the number of infected people increases again, the relevant open measures will be tightened again.

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