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Terrorist demonstration broadcasts virus, the second wave of epidemics Como calls on demonstrators to be tested

Redfield, the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), attended a hearing of a congressional committee on Thursday and warned that recent demonstrations and protests in many regions and cities in the United States may exacerbate the spread and spread of the new coronavirus. He suggested that those who participated in the demonstrations “strongly consider” to be tested to determine whether they had “stroke”. New York State Governor Como also urged demonstrators to fulfill their civic responsibilities and be tested to prevent a second wave of outbreaks in New York.

Como said that demonstrators should take the civic responsibility to be tested.  AP
Como said that demonstrators should take the civic responsibility to be tested. 

Redfield said: “People who participate in demonstrations or take to the streets to march, especially if they are in metropolises and cities that have not yet effectively controlled the epidemic, we really hope that they will strongly consider testing and evaluating their health “

he said:” I really believe that this situation is very nice to meet you approach provides for the transmission of the virus, “Gonggongweisheng other experts and political officials recently issued a similar warning that large-scale protests could lead to the emergence of new epidemic. break out.

Experts worry that in the event of a second wave of outbreaks, coupled with the fall flu season, it will place a heavy burden on the US medical system.

Redfield said that the CDC is working with major pharmaceutical companies to ensure an adequate supply of flu vaccines this year. Various medical institutions and facilities will develop contingency plans so that the public can be vaccinated against influenza in a safe environment.

Although President Trump had earlier threatened that the United States would terminate relations with the World Health Organization and cut off financial support, Redfield said that the United States and WHO are still close partners in public health matters.

On the other hand, New York State Governor Como said that all people taking part in demonstrations on the streets should take the responsibility of citizens to undergo tests to determine whether they are infected with the new coronavirus, and to help New York avoid a new wave of outbreaks. In the past week or so, during the large-scale demonstrations in New York, many people did not observe social distance measures, nor did they wear masks or cover their nose and mouth with other things.

The New York State Government still bans public events and gatherings of more than 10 people, but demonstrators ignore them.

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