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Spreading disagreement with Johnson Love and British Cabinet Secretary and National Security Advisor to resign

Mark Sedwill, Britain’s most senior civil servant, cabinet secretary and national security adviser (Mark Sedwill), announced his resignation on Sunday after he reported a disagreement with Prime Minister Johnson’s celebrity and chief political adviser Dominic Cummings. There have been rumors that Johnson planned to reorganize the civil service, and Cummings once criticized Sedwell that the government department failed to respond quickly to change.

Sedwell (left) reported a disagreement with Gammings (right).  AP
Sedwell (left) reported a disagreement with Gammings (right). 

54-year-old Sedwell is a senior diplomat appointed by the former Prime Minister Wen Cuishan in 2018, but has been accused of lacking a response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. In recent months, the media has always accused him of being at odds with Cammins, because Cammins has repeatedly criticized the civil service for being inflexible. There are reports that Cummings warned his assistant last week that “the rain is coming.”

In an interview with Sky News on Sunday, Secretary of the Interior Peng Dailing also hinted that the government will have reforms. It is rumored that the reform of the civil service system will be the responsibility of Cammins. The Secretary of the Cabinet of the United Kingdom is the highest-ranking civil servant in the United Kingdom, whose main responsibility is to provide government policy advice to the Prime Minister. Previously, Sedwell was a professional diplomat. He worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 20 years and served as an ambassador for Afghanistan.

Earlier this year, Johnson forced the Chancellor of the Exchequer to resign in order to strengthen control of the state’s finances. Earlier this month, he announced that he would merge the diplomatic and aid services.

Sedwell’s letter to Johnson stated that after experiencing the most severe crisis of the New Coronavirus, “the government is now focusing on domestic and global recovery and revitalization,” and he will leave his post accordingly. He said that he will officially leave office at the end of September.

The Johnson Office issued a statement thanking Sedwell for his “outstanding contribution” in the past. Johnson also invited Sedwell to serve as the rotating chairman of the Group of Seven (7) industrial countries (G7) in the United Kingdom and host the G7 Summit, where he will lead the Global Economic Security Committee.

British and EU negotiator Frost (David Frost) will succeed Sedwell in mid-August and become the British national security adviser. As for the position of cabinet secretary, another person will be found.

Sedwell questioned the change at this time. Shadow cabinet policy chief Helen Hayes said: “In the next few months, when millions of jobs are expected to face threats, Johnson and Gunmings are anxious to reorganize the British government, which is a serious concern. .”

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