Paper mask: it can block more than 70% of 5 micron particles. If there is any damage or distortion, it should be replaced immediately. Suitable for normal cleaning.
Activated carbon mask: It can absorb organic gas and toxic dust, has no sterilization effect, and should be replaced immediately when it takes effort to breathe or cannot absorb odors. It is suitable for painting operations or spraying pesticides. After use, the effect of blocking droplet infection is 80%. 30% ~ 80% air pollutants and reduce odor
Surgical mask: It can block 90% submicron particles and should be replaced every day, but it should be replaced immediately if it is damaged or dirty. It is suitable for use when there is respiratory symptoms such as cold, fever, cough, etc., when it is used in hospitals and other non-ventilated places. After use, the effect of blocking droplet infection is 90%. And block 30% ~ 80% of air pollution
N95 mask: It can block more than 95% of sub-micron particles, and the breathing length is longer. It is not suitable for the longer wear of the general population, and repeated use should be avoided. And block 80% ~ 99.97% of air pollution
Three-dimensional mask: emerging mask with three-dimensional structure
PM2.5 moisture-proof mask: can block particulate matter in the air with a volume of 2.5 microns or less

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