Smooth E Scar Sca Serum Dark Spot Reducer 10 grams



visibly reduces the apperance of scar. (10 g/ pack), advanced formula sca serum alpha-arbutin, allium cepa, cephalin, sodium hyaluronate, palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 & natural tocopheral. soften damaged skin, dark spot reducer, improve skin texture. All in one serum. Helps reduce the appearance of damaged skin. Guaranteed results. Dermatologist tested. Non irritating. Benefits of active ingredients: 1 improve quality of skin. 2. improve skin’s overall tone, texture, and clarity. 3. enhance damaged skin. 4. soothe skin system. 5. Boost recovery of barrier function. Direction: apply and manage gently 3-4 times a day, continue for 2-4 weeks. free!! Tracking number and sticker Thai_product, souvenir from Thai_product., High Quality & Services by Thai_product.


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