Anti-static Protection Clothing Wear-resistant Stripe Protective Suit Hooded Coverall unisex-adult



Anti-static fabric ???? Anti-static fabric?? It is made of polyester filament and high-performance conductive fiber. It has excellent electrostatic dust-proof function and can effectively release the static charge of the human body??At the same time, it can isolate particles in the air Made from anti-static compostable fabric ???? Protective suit clothing are lighter and cooler than many other styles while still offering ample protection from varnish, resins, fiberglass, paints, sanding dust particles Wide Applications ???? The protection gown can be used for car industry, cement manufacturing, construction work, painting and coating, gardening, domestic DIY, waste management??Special period, can be used as equipment to isolate when going out Applicable crowd ????unisex-adult ,Inherent barrier protection??Isolate viruses in the air and against dry particulate hazards??Keeping dust and chemicals off clothes and away from your skin??still allowing for comfort We will deliver the items you purchased to you as soon as possible. We hope you can give us a feedback to share with us and other customers. If you have any questions, please contact us via email. Thank you~


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