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Female barista barista who refused to serve without a hood received a crowdfunding tip of 620,000

Gutierrez thanked him for filming and would use this money to pursue his dreams.  fb
Gutierrez thanked him for filming and would use this money to pursue his dreams. 

In the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the barista Lenin Gutierrez of Starbucks, San Diego, California, asked a female customer to wear a mask and was humiliated by the other party’s photo and uploaded to the social network for public review. However, a large number of netizens criticized the practices of female customers, and others initiated crowdfunding, which has so far raised nearly 80,000 US dollars (about 620,000 Hong Kong dollars) for Gutierrez.

The incident occurred on Monday morning, when 24-year-old Gutierrez was working as usual, the female customer named Amber Lynn Gilles did not wear a mask, walked into the store, and tried to buy a drink. Gu Luis first asked her if she had a mask. When he wanted to further explain the company’s guidelines to customers, the other party immediately made trouble, took a picture of Gutierrez, uploaded Facebook, and posted: “From Starbucks’s Gutierrez refused to serve because I didn’t wear a mask. Next time I will wait for the police to arrive and bring a health waiver certificate.”

However, instead of getting sympathy from netizens, Gilles’ post caused a lot of anger. They both supported Gutierrez and launched a tipping campaign on the crowdfunding website. They originally wanted to raise US$1,000 (HK$78,000) for him, but they eventually raised nearly US$80,000.

For the support of netizens, Gutierrez thanked the filmer for saying, “I just want to remind everyone to be kind to others, love each other, and remember to wear masks.”

He said he would use the money to pursue his dream of being a dancer. The painting donated to some organizations in the San Diego community.

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