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Canadian mother-in-law meets granddaughter for the first time through glass door

The New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic has spread around the world and many families have been affected. A famous mother in Canada has just given birth to a daughter, but her parents were unfortunately infected. Although the parents have recovered, for safety reasons, they can only meet their granddaughter for the first time through the glass door.

Mother-in-law’s eyes are full of love. 
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Canadian psychotherapist Jessica recently gave birth to a young daughter, but the epidemic disrupted her prenatal and postnatal plans. The incident stems from the fact that before delivery, Jessica learned that her parents had a positive test for new coronary pneumonia, and her mother had a medical history of asthma, and was worried about their condition.

Jessica ’s parents need to be separated at home and cannot go to the hospital to accompany Jessica to give birth, so when the granddaughter fails to give birth first, she wishes her best wishes. After two weeks of quarantine and confirmed recovery, Jessica ’s parents wished to visit Jessica ’s granddaughter immediately, but in case they met each other across the glass door. It can be seen in the photo that the mother-in-law looked at her granddaughter, her eyes full of love.

Jessica said, “I never thought that my parents would see my daughter for the first time, it was through the glass door, which is by no means the expectation of all novice parents.” Plus before the daughter was informed of the parents, She was worried about severe sleep deprivation.

In an interview with foreign media, she said that her mother was her most important backing, and her mother was still unable to go a week after the birth of Jessica, which was very painful for her. Jessica admits that although this era is very difficult and terrible, but everyone still has to be optimistic to meet better things.

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