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73,000 people must be infected every day? Germany recognizes that group immunization is not reliable

On the eve of the reopening of shops under 800 square meters in Germany, the German Federal Chancellor Braun said on the 19th that the high number of infections caused by “group immunization” will suppress the country ’s medical system, so it can be used in Germany to fight the new coronary disease. Germany ’s current strategy is to slow the spread of the virus before the vaccine appears.

Security personnel in Cologne, Germany, were on duty in the square in front of Cologne Cathedral. (Xinhua News Agency)

According to the German “Times Online” report, as of 22:16 on the 19th local time, a total of 145,680 people were diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia in Germany, 83,438 people were cured, and 4,699 people died.

Talking about “group immunization”, Braun said in an interview with Deutsche Presse in Berlin that day that only half of the German population will be immunized within the next 18 months, it means “73,000 people must be infected every day.” . He represents that such a high number of supplementary infections will overwhelm the German medical system, and the health management department will not be able to track the source of the infection. “We will fall on the infectious disease.”

Braun said that the strategy adopted by the German federal government is to avoid the rapid spread of infection before waiting for the vaccine to be used.

With the extension of the “unblocking” period, whether to implement a mandatory mask in the country has become a hot topic in German public opinion. Germany ’s Minister of Economy Altermeier responded to the question of Germany ’s expansion of anti-epidemic assets in an interview with the “Sunday Photo” that day, the government ’s goal is to be able to “produce millions of Medical masks”. . The German Broadcasting Corporation reported that the German Federal Ministry of Economy will coordinate the production of anti-epidemic materials in the country through a team. Taiwan quoted the German Federal Minister of Health Shi Pan as saying that the German Federal Government has allocated relevant orders to about 50 German companies. It is expected that from mid-August this year, 50 million masks will be produced in Germany every week. It said that if everyone in Germany was to be able to make masks while working, shopping and staying on the bus, 8 billion to 12 billion masks would be needed every year. He believes that if a considerable part of this number can be manufactured in Germany, it is a big step closer to achieving the goal.

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