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Xi Jinping replies to Kim Jong-un’s message to strengthen cooperation and support

President Xi Jinping replied to North Korea ’s leader Kim Jong-un ’s message, expressing the deep friendship between the two peoples, and willing to strengthen cooperation in combating epidemic disease with North Korea, and providing support within his ability as North Korea needs. The final victory of this fight against epidemics.

Xi Jinping replied to Kim Jong-un's message.  AP
Xi Jinping replied to Kim Jong-un’s message. 

Xi Jinping pointed out that after the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia, after arduous efforts, China’s epidemic prevention and control work has achieved major strategic results. China is very concerned about the prevention and control of the North Korean epidemic, and praised Kim Jong-un for leading a series of anti-epidemic measures and achieving positive results. Xi Jinping expressed his willingness to guide the relevant departments of the two parties and two countries to implement the important consensus between the two parties and strengthen the strategic communication, deepen exchanges and cooperation, and benefit the two countries and peoples.

Jin Zhengen sent a message to Xi Jinping earlier, highly appraising and congratulating Xi Jinping for leading China in the unprecedented epidemic prevention and control of the battle to achieve glorious achievements and huge victory, and sent greetings in battle.

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