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Wisconsin woman recovers from illness and urges demonstrators to stop complaining about keeping home orders

Leah Blomberg, a woman living in Wisconsin in the United States, was unfortunately infected with the New Coronary Pneumonia virus. During treatment in the hospital, she was comatose for 9 days and needed a throat insertion. Because of the long-term bed rest, her muscles became weak, and she usually took a simple shower, which took 45 minutes. Blomberg persuaded demonstrators who recently took to the streets to protest the family order, to stop “crying and complaining” and to follow the instructions of the government authorities.

Blomberg refers to having two weeks to lie in bed during treatment. 

Blomberg appeared and said on the Internet about his painful experience, which was praised and encouraged by some netizens, but also attracted some criticism.

She said that she understood that many people were affected by the family order and had financial and livelihood difficulties. She also lost her job as a real estate company receptionist. However, she said that the demonstrators had short eyesight because the virus was still uncontrolled and continued to spread. .

She said: “If you are successful and lying in a hospital bed, you can’t make money anyway, but you will accumulate more debts. If you die, don’t think you can get a hundred, because medical expenses and funeral expenses are all It ’s up to the family to bear it. ”

Blomberg said that while he was receiving treatment in the hospital, he had to spend two weeks lying in bed, and then basically had to learn to walk again. She felt that she was very lucky to survive, so she advised the demonstrators who took to the streets to oppose the family order: “Accept the money the government has sent you, stop complaining, and be grateful that you are still healthy. Thank you Governor for caring about your health more than Caring about your wealth. “

She said that she, like many people, thought at first that she would not be successful. On March 19, she began to show flu-like symptoms, and her whole body was weak and itchy, as if hit by a truck, and then she lost her taste and smell. The family called an ambulance to take her to the hospital, where she was tested and confirmed that she was infected with the new coronavirus.

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