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WHO Tandse warns that the worst period is still ahead, urges countries not to relax

As more and more countries and regions relax the closure orders and home orders, World Health Organization Director-General Tan Desai issued a warning on Monday that the worst period of the epidemic is still ahead, calling on countries not to relax, otherwise they may There will be another big outbreak.

Tan Desai called on countries not to relax in case another big outbreak occurs.

Tan Desai did not explain in detail why he thinks the epidemic will worsen, but he and other experts have pointed out that the new coronavirus may spread rapidly in Africa, and many African countries have relatively backward medical systems.

He held a press conference at the WHO headquarters in Geneva: “Trust me, the worst period is still ahead. Let us avoid this tragedy. This is a virus that many people still do not understand.”

In the past week, some European countries and Asian countries have begun to gradually relax the closure orders and other restrictive measures. For example, Spain approved the children to resume home away from home, and some cities have arranged schools to resume classes one after another. In Europe, there has been a downward trend in the number of diagnoses and the increase in the number of deaths, and it is believed that the epidemic has been largely controlled.

Regarding US President Trump ’s criticism of WHO ’s lack of transparency and lack of timely sharing of information, Tan Desai refuted: “WHO has no secrets, because keeping things secret is very dangerous. This is a health issue.”

He also said: “This virus is very dangerous. When we have differences, it will use the rift between us to divide us.” Some staff of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been arranged to be seconded to WHO. This It is proof that WHO maintains transparency.

He said: “Arranging the staff of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to work at the WHO means that from the first day, the WHO has not concealed anything from the US. The colleagues of the US Centers for Disease Control here know that we have Anyone conveys information. “

Tan Desai described the new crown pneumonia virus as the “number one public enemy”, and the WHO had issued a warning as early as the first day, saying that everyone should fight this demon. He compared the epidemic with the Spanish flu that broke out in 1918 and said, “The new coronavirus is a very dangerous combination. It seems that the Spanish flu that broke out in 1918 and killed up to 100 million people.

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