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US media: a large number of patients with pneumonia were admitted before the US epidemic death data was missed

the “New York Times” website published the report of the newspaper’s reporters Sarah Cliff and Julie Bosman on April 7 “Official data underestimated the number of new coronary deaths in the United States.” The United States does not have a unified new coronary pneumonia death reporting system, inadequate detection tools and irresponsible statistics on the number of deaths in some states. The number of new coronary pneumonia deaths in the United States may be much higher than official data. The report is compiled as follows:

An Indiana coroner said that in early March she had wondered whether a man died of new coronary pneumonia, but her health department refused to carry out the test. Nursing staff in New York City said that many patients who died at home had obvious signs of infection but had never been tested for new coronavirus.

In Virginia, a funeral director carefully handled the bodies of the three deceased because the medical staff reminded her that the new coronavirus tests of these people were positive. However, only one of them had the new corona virus on the death certificate.

Across the United States, although the death toll from the New Coronavirus is scary (hundreds per day), the actual death toll may be much higher.

As of April 5, the United States reported more than 9,400 deaths from patients with new coronary pneumonia, but hospital administrators, doctors, public health experts and coroners said official data failed to reflect the true number of American deaths. The reasons for this lack of statistics include inconsistent regulations, limited resources, and decision-making by states and counties. Many coroners in rural areas say they have no testing tools to detect the disease.

The United States does not have a unified new coronary pneumonia-related death reporting system. In addition, the detection tools are always inadequate. Some states and counties are perfunctory and unclear about the number of deaths.

Jennifer Nuzo, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Health Safety Center, said: “We absolutely believe that some deaths are not counted.” The center is closely monitoring the new crown pandemic.

Public health experts say that accurately counting the number of deaths is an important means of understanding the epidemic: the more deaths from the disease, the stronger the willingness of relevant departments to introduce measures to break the normal order of life. Accurate death data also allows the federal government to know how to deploy resources (such as nationally-preserved ventilators) and allocate them to the areas most in need.

The federal government does not expect to announce the final number of new coronary pneumonia deaths until 2021, when it will release an annual compilation of the main causes of death in Americans.

On April 3, the National Center for Health Statistics, a subsidiary of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, began to publish preliminary estimates of new coronary pneumonia deaths, but the spokesperson said the information “lags by one to two weeks.” The first estimate it gave was 1,150 deaths, based on the number of death certificates that included new coronary pneumonia in the underlying cause of death.

However, the person responsible for issuing the death certificate stated that if relying on these documents alone, there might be a large number of omissions, because some deceased persons detected new coronary pneumonia, but the doctors and coroners failed to fill in the relevant basic diseases on the death report. Its inclusion.

Hospital officials said that in the early stages of the US epidemic, deaths related to the new coronavirus may be overlooked. Doctors in several hospitals reported that they had received some pneumonia patients and died before they could be tested.

Gladina Nader, director of internal medicine at Tullane Medical Center in New Orleans, said: “Before we started testing for the new coronavirus, we had treated large numbers of patients with pneumonia. I remember thinking at the time that this was really strange. I believe some of these patients were indeed infected with the new coronavirus. But no one knew at that time. “

Coroners across the country are reviewing and reevaluating deaths that occurred before the detection tools were widely adopted.

Experts studying death statistics have warned that it may take several months for scientists to calculate the most accurate death rate for new American pneumonitis.

Some researchers say that there can never be truly accurate and complete statistics on death cases. This has happened before.

Evans, a coroner in Shelby County, Alabama, expressed doubts about the county ’s death data earlier this year, many of whom died of pneumonia. (US “New York Times” website)

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