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U.S. 100-year-old World War II veteran dismisses female nurse after being killed by opponent’s hammer

A veteran who had participated in World War II in New York State, USA, recently celebrated his 100th birthday with his family. Due to the continuing epidemic of new pneumonia, in order to reduce the risk of infection, the family decided to dismiss a female nurse who had been taking care of him. Unexpectedly, there was a murderous opportunity, and the old man was beaten to death with a hammer.

Centenary Rui (left) was beaten to death by a female nurse (right) with a hammer.  twitter
Centenary Rui (left) was beaten to death by a female nurse (right) with a hammer. 

According to foreign media reports, Gerald Early, a US veteran who had participated in the Second World War, just passed his 100th birthday in March this year. His children fired his daughter, Michael, because they lived in New York, the most severely affected area Kai (Brenda McKay), instead of being taken care of by three children and six grandchildren, hopes to help him avoid any risk of infection. However, on the 6th of this month, Ariel was found unconscious at home and sent to the hospital. The hospital announced that he was dead. An autopsy report was released this week, confirming that he died of a trauma to the hammer.

After questioning Eriel’s family and neighbors on the street, the local police believed that McKay was suspected of being involved in the case. The police allege that McKay had no criminal record, but had contacted her as many as 20 times in the past 20 years for reasons including quarrels with neighbors.

The local police said that at present, it is preliminarily judged that McKay is committing a single crime without any accomplices. He will be charged with second-degree murder and will be remanded in custody pending trial.

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