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Trump threatens to cut off all relations with China

More than 4.34 million people have contracted new global pneumonia yesterday and nearly 300,000 people died. In the United States, where the epidemic is most severe, more than 20,000 new cases were diagnosed on a single day yesterday, with a total of 1.43 million infections and 85,000 deaths.

More than 20,000 cases of

  American new disease, US President Trump accepted an interview with Huox Business Channel yesterday, and soon after the first phase of the trade agreement between China and the United States, the new pneumonia epidemic began to erupt. He said he was very disappointed with China.

  During his visit, he also said that there are many things that the United States can do, even saying that it can “cut off the whole relationship” with China. He said that once this happens, the United States will save $ 500 billion.

  Trump said that he has a good relationship with Xi Jinping, but he does not want to communicate with him now.

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