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Trudeau said to be cautious about restarting international tourism

The United States and Canada closed the border in March in response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, prohibiting unnecessary exchanges between the two countries, and the closure period will expire on May 21. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said that the authorities will maintain a very cautious attitude towards restarting international tourism including the United States.

Trudeau said he is studying to strengthen monitoring measures for immigrants.  AP
Trudeau said he is studying to strengthen monitoring measures for immigrants. 

Trudeau said that after controlling the outbreak in Canada, in order to prevent the second wave of outbreaks and prevent cases from entering, it is very important to avoid the outbreak of immunization because the second wave of outbreaks may be as serious as the current outbreak Even more terrible. However, Trudeau did not mention whether he hoped the border closure restrictions would be extended.

He said that with the resumption of economic activities and the relaxation of international restrictions, I believe more people will want to return to the country or more people will try to enter Canada through the border. Security.

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