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Think tank report: Australia faces risk of outbreak again

June 22 (Reporter Hao Yalin) Australia plans to enter the third phase of relaxation of epidemic prevention and control in July, but the latest research report released by the Australian think tank Gratton Institute pointed out that the country is in the “new normal” During the transition period, the epidemic situation may break out again, and prevention and control measures may need to be re-implemented or upgraded.

  According to data from the Australian Federal Department of Health, as of 21:00 on the 21st, local time, there were 7461 confirmed cases in Australia, 102 deaths and 6896 cured cases.

  The report pointed out that the risk of recurrence of the epidemic in the workplace is the highest, so the resumption of work should be slowly promoted; schools should strictly implement the policy of maintaining social distance, and the school should be closed as soon as a confirmed case is found; if there is still a community spread situation, shopping and shopping should continue And other activities to implement restrictions; local governments should be prepared to re-implement prevention and control measures to cope with possible recurrence of the epidemic.

  In response to the possible recurrence of the epidemic, the report recommends that the government vigorously develop services such as telemedicine and residential hospitals, residential rehabilitation, and residential elderly care; strengthen the planning and construction of health systems; and strengthen the construction of related industrial chains.

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