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The zoo zoo epidemic in Peru has zero income and the founder of the feed owes a huge debt to the operation: or can only starve to death

The impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic has far-reaching consequences. The global economy is declining. Not only humans are suffering, but animals are also suffering. A zoo in Peru called the “Amazon Shelter” has dozens of howler monkeys, macaws and sloths. Under the epidemic, the government implemented isolation measures. The zoo has no tourists and disguised as “zero income”. It means that the remaining feed is only enough to feed these animals for about 2 weeks, frankly worrying about their fate afterwards.

The garden said that the remaining feed was only enough to feed these animals for about 2 weeks, and frankly worried about their fate. 
Amazon Shelter fb map

This zoo, called the Amazon Shelter, has been dedicated to receiving injured wild animals confiscated by the police from smugglers in the past 15 years. The 63-year-old founder Magali Salinas has maintained This zoo has borrowed money from five banks and owed huge debts. She urged the government not to forget those wild animals and hope to provide assistance to save them. Otherwise, it will only starve or be killed.

The “Amazon Shelter” zoo is just the tip of the iceberg, and more than 140 zoos and animal breeding centers in the country are facing the same dilemma. During the epidemic, these zoos were forced to close without income, and some zoo owners have requested government assistance.

Peru is the country with the worst epidemic in South America, with 19,250 diagnoses and 530 deaths.

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