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The sponsor of the anti-Federation of the United States was diagnosed and isolated, and then went to the streets and was bombarded by netizens

In North Carolina, the United States had two weeks ago a demonstration on the streets of “anti-closing, anti-home order”. The irony is that Audrey Whitlock, one of the leaders who called on the people to form the “REOPEN NC” group, was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. It required home isolation for 14 days and was unable to participate in the parade. She later declared to supporters that her period of isolation had ended and would continue to fight on the streets, attracting American netizens to bombard her as a “murderer.”

The sponsor of the anti-Federation of the United States was diagnosed and quarantined before taking to the streets, and was criticized by netizens as a murderer. 
(Netmap / AP)

According to reports, the anti-closing group “Restart North Carolina” regularly gathers to protest next to Governor Roy Cooper’s official residence on Tuesday, demanding that the governor revoke the closure order to allow them to return to their original lives, and that the policy of compulsory quarantine violates The constitution has affected their rights and interests. The street protest lasted for three weeks, but Whitlock, one of the promoters, did not attend the previous two protests. She was kicked and she was already “diagnosed” and was forced to be isolated for 14 days. Another promoter, Ashley Smith, confirmed the incident, but emphasized that Whitlock was diagnosed three weeks ago and did not go out.

The confirmed promoter Whitlock also said on social media on the evening of Sunday 26th that the treatment period had passed, during which she had no symptoms and would attend the 28th protest. In the end, a total of four demonstrators, including the initiator Smith, were arrested by the police.

American netizens think that this matter is quite ironic, and also called on other participants to get tested for viruses as soon as possible. At the same time, the demonstrators did not understand the seriousness of the epidemic, and caused the shelling promoters Whitlock and Smith to cause others to The danger of health and safety, if unfortunately infected people with poor immunity, they will even lose their lives, blaming them like “murderers.”

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