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The number of Italian cruise ships docked in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan increased to 91

The number of Italian cruise ships docking in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan increased to 91 people. 
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The Italian cruise ship “Costa Atlantica” moored at Nagasaki Port in Japan broke out a new coronary pneumonia epidemic. After 48 people were diagnosed yesterday (23), 43 people were confirmed today (24). At least 91 people have been infected. The authorities said that only one more serious patient was sent to hospital for treatment, and the remaining patients with mild or no symptoms remained on board.

According to foreign media reports, Costa Costa has 623 crew members and no passengers. The Japanese side fully inspected the crew. After the first wave of 48 people was diagnosed, and then more than 200 people were tested, 43 people were positive for the virus. It is expected that more than 300 crew members who have not yet been screened will be inspected today.

The cruise ship sailed into Nagasaki Port for maintenance at the end of January. Japanese authorities banned more than 600 crew members from disembarking in mid-March. A foreign crew member was later diagnosed. Katsushika Kazuhiro of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said that all crew members were being tested for viruses, and the crew members with negative results would be arranged to return to their places of origin.

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