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The New York police used brutal means to enforce the restraint order, which caused public outrage

It has been a while since New York City, New Coronary Pneumonia, was hit by the family order and social distance measures. The police ’s law enforcement methods and attitudes have caused increasing controversy. A new video has been circulating online, showing a police officer using force against a black man suspected of violating social distance measures and shouting in public, pushing him roughly on the ground. In another video, the police officer punched a man in the face and subdued him. The man was unable to resist. Many people questioned whether it was necessary for the police to use these methods to fight the epidemic, but New York Mayor Bai Sihao supported the police force.

Police officers used force against a black man who allegedly violated social distance measures and clamored in public.  AP
Police officers used force against a black man who allegedly violated social distance measures and clamored in public. 

Bai Sihao said: “We will not deny the New York Police Force. We will not make decisions based on three poorly handled incidents. I will make decisions based on millions of examples.” One of the paragraphs was uploaded online In the short video, I saw a police officer pull out an electric gun on New York Street on Saturday against a man suspected of violating social distance measures, punch and kick him, and push him roughly on the ground. Afterwards, another police officer stepped forward to work together to subdue the man. After the footage was exposed, the public was furious and criticized the police for using excessive force.

Another incident occurred on Monday night. Someone photographed a police officer on the street in Brooklyn, punching a 32-year-old man on the ground and forcibly pushing another man on the police car. The police explained afterwards that a group of people were suspected of violating the restraint order and did not heed the advice of police officers and refused to disperse. These short films are very different from the official films recently released by the New York Police Force to promote the Home Order and Restriction Order. In those propaganda films, the police officers were very friendly, distributed masks to the citizens, and warmly reminded the citizens to keep a distance of six feet.

Some human rights weaving and monitoring groups have criticized the police for using the epidemic resistance as an excuse to harass the public, especially people of color. A spokesman for the civil society “Community Solidarity for Reform Police Force” said the police issued threats and even attacks on New Yorkers in the name of implementing social distance measures. Mayor Bai Sihao now is the time to intervene and immediately ask the New York police to stop participating in the execution of the Home Order and Restriction Order.

New York Police Chief Shay responded that the public should make judgments on each case. Sometimes, a police officer does not necessarily use excessive force to throw a punch. According to the training and guidelines of the police academy, police officers have the right to use punches against persons suspected of breaking the law in certain circumstances

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