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The epidemic gradually slowed down and Thailand plans to lift the ban completely in July

In order to control the epidemic, Thailand implemented a state of emergency from late March to the end of June, and both domestic and cross-border movements were restricted. Thai officials said today that the ban will be lifted completely from July, but the government will still take measures to avoid the spread of the epidemic.

Thailand will gradually lift the ban.  AP
Thailand will gradually lift the ban. 

In order to avoid the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Thailand entered a state of emergency from March 26 to June 30. Until the end of June, international passenger flights could not enter Thailand, and there were different control measures for movement between Thai provinces. The government has imposed a curfew since April 3.

The Bangkok Post reported that as the epidemic gradually slowed, Somsak Rungsita, Secretary General of the National Security Council, said today that all the bans will be lifted on July 1st, which means emergency The status and curfews will end by the end of June, and domestic and cross-border movements in Thailand will be completely lifted. Song Sa said that government officials will discuss measures to be taken by the government after the complete lifting of the ban in June to continue to control the epidemic. He also pointed out that the cooperation of the people is very important, including continuous wearing masks, maintaining social distance and washing hands frequently.

Thailand began to close department stores, movie theaters, sports venues and parks from mid to late March, and banned large-scale events and crowds. The control measures worked. The epidemic began to slow down from late April. The epidemic continued to ease. The Thai government is 14 days after the first wave of lifting the ban, which is the second wave of lifting the ban on May 17, and the Thai government is expected to lift the third wave of lifting the ban on June 1. Senior officials of the Thai Epidemic Command Center will discuss tomorrow which activities and venues will be opened for the third wave of lifting the ban. Possible options include beauty salons, massage parlours, movie theaters, gyms, zoos, and convention centers; department stores that can only operate until 8 pm The company may be extended to 9 o’clock. The current curfew time from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am the following day can be shortened to 3:00 am the next day.

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