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The British man was paralyzed due to complications of the new crown

Paul Skegg, a 42-year-old radiation therapist of the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom, was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia earlier. During the treatment, a rare complication, “Guillain-Barré syndrome”, caused muscle Paralyzed and paralyzed; Skeg, worried about the lack of time, decided to pluck up the courage to propose to his girlfriend Katy Lavender by mouth. The girlfriend agreed without hesitation. He recovered miraculously after 16 days of treatment.

A radiation therapist in the United Kingdom was paralyzed in the whole body due to complications of new coronary pneumonia. He made a miracle recovery after 16 days of proposing with “lip language”. 
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According to reports, 42-year-old Paul has been serving in the NHS for 24 years. He was unfortunately diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia on the 3rd of this month. He was then admitted to Darent Valley Hospital. After that, his condition deteriorated and he was transferred to the intensive care department And there is a rare “Gibb’s syndrome”, which causes muscle paralysis and even difficulty breathing, requiring tracheotomy (Tracheotomy).

Worried about not coming in the future, Paul decided to propose to Lavender, the girlfriend of the same radiation therapist, through Facetime. When Skeg thought he was going to die, he took a deep breath and proposed to Lavender by making a mouth shape. The woman agreed without hesitation, and all the medical staff who took care of him felt very happy!

I do n’t know if it ’s the power of love. Paul ’s condition has been gradually improved. After 16 days of treatment, he has recovered from the miracle. Paul recovered and was discharged on Sunday (19th). Online clips show that in the applause of the medical staff, Skeg and Lavender stepped away from the hospital.

Lavender posted on social media to thank the two people who accompanied them to spend the darkest moments, “The messages we received are full of hope and love, and support my mother and Skeg. We hope everyone pays attention to safety, To continue to save lives, we owe medical staff too much! “And the doctors who visited the hospital were very happy with Paul’s miracle and said they gave them great encouragement.

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