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The 85-year-old Queen’s low fever multi-day palace inner hall: no new crown symptoms

There have been cases of politician celebrity infections in various places, and yesterday there was also a case in which a celebrity was suspected of contracting new coronary pneumonia. According to the Japanese media “Asahi Shimbun” reported yesterday, Japan’s upper queen Michiko had mild fever symptoms for several days and was already resting. The palace hall said that the upper queen Michiko currently has no symptoms of suspected new coronary pneumonia, and she and the former emperor Akihito continue to be examined by doctors.

■ Since the end of March, Michiko and Akihito lived in the temporary residence of Xiandong, and had no contact with outsiders.  Associated Press
From the end of March, Michiko and Akihito lived in Xiandong temporary residence, and had no contact with outsiders. 
Associated Press

  According to the Palace Office, Michiko started a low fever a few days ago and has been resting for a while. Since the end of March, she has lived with Akihito as a temporary residence in Xiandong temporary residence, without contact with outsiders. It is reported that both Michiko and Akihito have been examined by doctors, and no symptoms of new coronary pneumonia have been found. There is no problem with Akihito’s physical condition.

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