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Spanish public health chief resigns dissatisfied with local government’s request to speed up relaxation of home order

As Spain’s new coronary pneumonia epidemic gradually eases, Yolanda Fuentes, the country’s female health director, suddenly resigned on Thursday. She reportedly had a dispute with the local government because she opposed the relaxation of the family order and other restrictive measures.

Spanish female public health director Fentes.  Network diagram
Spanish female public health director Fentes. 
Network diagram

The local government asked the central government to speed up the relaxation of home orders and other restrictive measures to restart economic activities, but this move caused Fenters to be dissatisfied, thinking that it is still not time to relax, and should step up to prevent the second wave of outbreaks. The authorities did not explain why Fentus resigned suddenly. According to local media reports, she strongly opposed the relaxation of restrictive measures in the capital, Madrid, and the region. The Madrid local government announced earlier that it has appointed medical expert Zapatero to direct the unblocking work. At the peak of the epidemic, Zapatero once managed a temporary hospital.

Spain is one of the most severely affected areas in Europe with the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. According to data released by Johns Hopkins University, there have been 220,000 confirmed cases and more than 26,000 deaths in the country. Madrid is the epicenter of the epidemic in the country, with the death toll accounting for one third of the country. The central government led by Prime Minister Sanchez issued a closure order on March 14 and introduced various measures to restrict the activities of citizens to prevent the spread of the virus. The authorities announced earlier that they would gradually relax these measures in June.

Avoso, the local leader of the opposition People ’s Party (PP) in Madrid, who has often criticized the government, has asked the public health department to speed up the pace, allowing Madrid to enter the next stage early, reopening hotels, restaurants and approving public gatherings and events for up to ten people. According to sources, members of the People ’s Party and the centre-right Citizen Party once had fierce disputes over whether to speed up the unsealing. At present, the government tends to act cautiously, only allowing children to leave home when accompanied by adults, and allowing adults to go out for sports. Some small merchants are also allowed to resume business.

Sanchez had issued a warning that it would be unforgivable to end the restrictive measures and cause the epidemic to rebound, but he was under heavy pressure from the opposition camp. The Spanish Parliament recently voted to extend the emergency order, and the restrictive measures must be implemented for at least two more weeks.

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