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South Korea enters the stage of life epidemic prevention from 6th

At the South Korean National Museum, people wearing masks lined up to enter the venue and maintain a social distance. 

Korea Radio International reported that with the effective control of the epidemic , South Korea began to move into the “life epidemic prevention stage” in which life and epidemic prevention began on the 6th.

According to the principle of life and epidemic prevention, physical discomfort should rest at home, keeping his distance from the earth, Richangshenghuo should wear a mask , to comply with hygiene etiquette, but national parks and museums and other public facilities will be phased restart operations, the baseball field and the theater , etc. Crowd-intensive facilities will also restart operations one after another.

The epidemic prevention authority believes that the current risk of the epidemic situation still exists, and it may break out again at any time. Especially in dense and confined environments, special attention should be paid to it and appeal to the public to remain vigilant.

The government said that it has not yet made any decision on whether to reduce the early warning level of infectious disease crisis from “serious” to “alert”. Even if the early warning level is adjusted, the possibility of relaxing or cancelling the existing epidemic prevention measures is very low.

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