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Residents of Australia’s Fengcheng become pet groomers, help dogs cut hair and change alpaca

Affected by the New Coronary Pneumonia, many countries have implemented closures. The measures have not only affected people, but pets have also been the object of “sacrifice.”

Mash before and after cutting. Network diagram

Australia issued an emergency order on the 18th of last month, and began to lock the city on the 23rd. Only restaurants on the street can provide takeaway services, and all other services are suspended. Hermione Olivia, who lives in Sydney, recently decided to become a beautician because she felt that her 13-year-old pet dog Mash had too long hair, but could not go to a pet grooming shop to mow Mash because of the city lock.

After all, Olivia’s non-professional beautician, after trimming the hair for Mash, actually “battered” her hair. The original fluffy hair is missing, and Mash’s expression also looks sad. Olivia and later uploaded the photos on the Internet, which attracted a lot of laughs from netizens, “Oh my god, like a child of an alpaca”, “Thank you for providing me something happy in the state of closure. It also resonated with other netizens, “I cut my dog like a squirrel.”

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