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Representative in Argentina: WHO can avoid global disasters if early warning of epidemic situation

In an interview with a local TV station recently, Xie Junde, a representative in Argentina, pointed out that the global spread of new coronary pneumonia, the World Health Organization (WHO) should be able to avoid a global disaster if it gives a warning one month earlier.

Taiwan notified the WHO at the end of December last year to warn that the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) will be passed on from person to person, but Taiwan ’s concerns have been ignored by WHO and have not been communicated to other countries. Argentine TV station 26 News Channel visited Xie Junde on the 17th. The host Federico Bisutti raised questions about why Taiwan ’s voice was not heard by the international community. Xie Junde did not point directly at the Chinese government, but said, “There are some strengths, I hope Taiwan ’s voice will be heard! “

The host asked whether the outbreak propaganda in China was credible. Xie Jun could use the novel of Gabriel García Márquez and the Cuento chino (Chinese story, meaning a lie) as an analogy. Marquez ’s novels do not believe in Chinese stories (Chinese lies)! “

Xie Junde said that Taiwan succeeded in curbing the spread of New Coronary Pneumonia because of the painful lessons of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003, when the epidemic killed 73 people in Taiwan and damaged the economy. Because Taiwan is excluded from the WHO, no one in the international community can help Taiwan. In the past 17 years, Taiwan has been studying hard on the path of anti-epidemic disease, amending the relevant public health regulations, and has learned the key to “fast response” and “advance deployment” .

The moderator questioned what the truth of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic in China was and whether the information was passed on to the WHO was completely unknown. Cases occurred in China in November, but the WHO did not announce that Wuhan pneumonia constituted a global pandemic until March 11. Xie Junde said that the WHO had not informed the severity of the epidemic and brought the world a catastrophe. President Trump’s suspension of financial aid to WHO was completely understandable.

Xie Junde said that WHO should be more professional, transparent, and not politicized in order to protect the health of the world. Leaders of Europe, America, and Japan advocated that Taiwan participate in WHO and jointly defend the global medical system.

Many international media reported that the actual deaths from the Wuhan epidemic in China should far exceed the officially announced figures in China. The host also questioned the actual deaths in Wuhan. Xie Junde said: “In a totalitarian and authoritarian country, all epidemic cases will be concealed.” On the contrary, Taiwan is a democratic country, and government operations and information are transparent.

Because of the long-term exclusion from the world organization, the voice of Taiwan has not been heard, Xie Junde suggested to fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. All democratic countries should unite and cooperate with the value of “democracy, transparency and respect for human rights” .

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