Marena Recovery Full Face Post Surgical Compression Mask for Post-Op Support


ComfortWeave (51% Tactel (R) Nylon, 49% Soft Lycra (R)) Designed with patented ComfortWeave fabric, the Marena Recovery Full Face Mask features two adjustable closures at the back-center and base of the head. The gentle but firm compression promotes healing and recovery time for post-facial surgery. MOVE IN COMFORT: The adjustable full face mask is designed to apply compression and full-face coverage without limiting your mobility, allowing for the upmost comfort and support to assist with healing throughout your recovery. ADJUSTABLE: Featuring a hook and loop closure on the top of the head and another hook and loop closure at the base of the head, the Marena Recovery Full Face Mask allows an individualized fit for each stage of your recovery journey. COMPRESSION: Targeted medical-grade compression helps reduce swelling at each step of healing. The patented fabric and unique construction helps stimulate the lymphatic system, enabling the body to efficiently remove waste and reduce fluid build-up. IDEAL FOR: Designed for post-surgical support, the Marena Full Face Mask is ideal for post facial surgery, including face lifts, liposuction, chin alterations, laser procedures, maxillofacial operations, and other medical procedures.


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