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Press Secretary confirmed last week that Pence was denied by a self-segregated spokesperson

A spokesman for US Vice President Pence denied that Pence was in a state of self-isolation and said he still planned to work in the White House.

US Vice President Pence.  AP map
US Vice President Pence. 
AP map

Pence’s press secretary Katie Miller recently confirmed the diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia. Bloomberg and the Associated Press quoted informed sources that Pence is self-isolating. Although many new coronavirus tests are negative.

But then, Spence’s spokesman Devin O’Malley said that Pence will “continue to follow the recommendations of the White House medical department, but he has not been isolated. In addition, Pence’s daily test results are all Negative. He plans to work in the White House on Monday. “

According to previous reports, recently including the US President Trump’s personal entourage, Vice President Pence Press Secretary and Ivanka’s personal assistant have successively been diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. Everyone said they would conduct “self-isolation.”

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