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Popularity slips, Trump lashes out, yells and threatens campaign manager

US President Trump has been criticized for his ineffectiveness in the fight against epidemic disease, and he only has to shirk his responsibility. At a press conference recently, he proposed to inject disinfectants for patients with new coronary pneumonia. A blow to his election. According to well-informed sources, Trump did not reflect on his own governance mistakes, but instead angered at a recent meeting, screamed on the phone to assist him in running for re-election campaign manager Brad Parscale, and threatened legal action against him .

Trump scolded and threatened to sue campaign manager Pascal (right). 

According to three sources who quoted CNN on Wednesday, Trump met with a group of aides in a room last Friday. Instead of angering the people in the room, he snarled at Pascal on the phone and once threatened to sue Pascal.

CNN reported that I do n’t know whether Trump threatened to take legal action against Pascal, or whether it was just scaring, or if he really did, he would sue Pascal. The White House and Trump’s campaign office did not immediately respond.

The epidemic situation of new coronary pneumonia in the United States is still severe, with the number of confirmed cases and deaths topping the global list. Although Trump tried to divert his attention and shift his responsibilities to China and the World Health Organization, the latest public opinion polls show that his popularity and approval ratings are declining, and the road ahead for re-election is rugged.

According to sources, in the past week, Trump has become increasingly uneasy about the prospects of the campaign and is unable to control his emotions. A Republican member close to the White House revealed that he knew he was in a mess at a news conference about the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.

The next day after angry and scolding Pascal, Trump hosted a press conference at the White House as usual and staged a public proposal to inject disinfectant into the new coronary pneumonia patients to clean the lungs, causing uproar and fierce criticism from all parties. By this time, White House advisers and aides have persuaded Trump not to host the press conference any more.

CNN also quoted two sources as saying that after Trump scolded Pascal last Friday, the two had already agreed on the day. Pascal flew from Florida to Washington on Wednesday and interviewed Trump for hours to discuss future campaign strategies.

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