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Polls show that Americans increasingly distrust Trump’s anti-epidemic recommendations

The latest poll report released on Tuesday showed that more and more Americans no longer trust President Trump’s remarks about the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Almost all interviewees disagree with Teplanp’s recent proposal to inject disinfectant for the diagnosed patients.

More and more people do not trust Trump’s anti-epidemic recommendations. 

According to a poll report published by Reuters and polling agency Ipsos, less than half of American adults interviewed (47%) said they “very” or “approximately” follow Trump’s recommendations to fight the new crown pneumonia virus . This ratio has dropped significantly by 15 percentage points compared to when a similar survey was conducted at the end of March.

When Trump presided over a press conference at the White House recently, he mentioned that ultraviolet light or disinfectant injections can be used to treat patients suffering from this disease, which caused fierce controversy. 98% of the respondents said that if they were infected with the virus, they would not try to do so. In other words, almost all interviewees disagree with Trump’s statement.

Most interviewees said they are concerned about how the virus spreads in the United States.

Although it has caused repeated controversy, Trump’s overall popularity is no different from that of the previous week. 43% of respondents said they accepted Trump’s overall job performance. The rate of Trump’s good anti-epidemic performance is also 43%.

Of the registered voters, 44% said they would vote for the Democratic Party ’s Biden if they held a general election now, and 40% said they would support Trump.

Reuters and Ipsos conducted this poll on the 27th and 28th of this month, successfully interviewing 1,001 adults, of which 416 Democrats and 419 Republicans.

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