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PIKO Taro adapted the classic brainwashing song into “anti-epidemic hand washing Divine Comedy”

Since the new pandemic pneumonia epidemic has spread worldwide, everyone’s awareness of epidemic prevention has improved. Remember to wash your hands frequently at all times. Japanese funny artist “PIKO Taro” sang the newly adapted “PPAP2020” to become “anti-epidemic hand-washing goddess”.

PIKO Taro released the “Anti-epidemic Hand Wash Divine Comedy” online. 
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Japanese funny artist PIKO Taro is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people with a 2016 “PPAP” (full name Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen). The song has a quirky style and super brainwashing. Internet users around the world sing along. Due to the raging relationship of the new crown pneumonia, he recently released the latest anti-epidemic version “PPAP2020”. The lyrics are adapted to call on netizens to wash their hands frequently and arrange new hand-washing dance steps. Everyone together “Wash! Wash! Wash!” The song finally has a “PPAP” comment. It is very heartwarming to understand it as “Pray for People And Peace”.

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