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Ohio primary election goes smoothly

Ohio, the United States, postponed the presidential primaries that were originally scheduled for March 17 and changed it by post. The results were announced on Tuesday. Former Vice President Biden won the Democratic Party’s election as expected, and then went to the next city. Because his opponent Sanders has retired, Biden has been determined to be nominated by the Democratic Party as a presidential candidate, so this primary election is only a routine matter and will not affect the overall situation. Instead, the focus of all parties is on how to vote in a safe manner while the new coronary pneumonia is still raging.

Opponent Sanders has retired and Biden has definitely been nominated by the Democratic Party. 

According to a report by CBS (CBS), as of 8:30 p.m. on the east coast of the United States, out of 136 party representative votes in Ohio, Biden had won 74 votes, more than half.

Affected by the epidemic, Ohio postponed the primary election polling day for six weeks. The entire voting process went smoothly, with no confusion or blockages, and no Wisconsin voters queuing in person at the polling station in violation of the home order earlier this month. However, compared to the 2016 primaries, Ohio has only about 1.5 million people voting this time, a sharp halving.

Sanders has publicly expressed his support for Biden’s race for president. A group of his political advisers announced the establishment of a political committee on Tuesday to assist Biden in promoting political platforms and values.

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