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New York mom infected with new crown pneumonia without symptoms

Brittany Jencik, a woman in Penfield, New York, United States, contracted new coronary pneumonia (COVID-19) five weeks ago, but no symptoms appeared, causing all the 17 children living together to be infected. All must be accepted In quarantine, only one child who was not living together survived. She still has no idea how she was infected.

Yanchik had 18 children, some of whom were adopted. When she witnessed the symptoms of her children one by one, she realized that she was infected. She was estimated to have contracted the disease 5 weeks ago, but she remained ignorant until she felt severe discomfort later. “This is terrifying! I had symptoms earlier than them. I was afraid of the danger of life. That fear is unprecedented. “

About a month ago, the Yanchik family had begun to isolate themselves, and now everyone has gradually recovered, and the isolation will be lifted later. However, Yanchik was very worried about the virus residue at home, so he hired professionals to help disinfect it. “Cleaning the home is a must. I just want to try my best to protect the people I love.”

What makes Yanchik most worried at present is that he will be infected again after recovery. It is still unknown whether the patient has immunity after recovery and how long the immunity can be maintained.

According to real-time data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of April 19, there were 742,442 confirmed cases in the United States, a total of 39,291 people died, including Monroe County where the Yanchik family is located. ) There were 1,008 confirmed cases and 68 deaths.

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