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New crown pneumonia hits travel industry, Thailand levies tourism tax

The new crown pneumonia plunged the tourism industry of various countries. The Thai government is considering levying a tourism tax of not more than 300 baht, which is equivalent to 72 Hong Kong dollars, on foreign tourists after resuming tourism activities.

  Local media reports that the tax will be allocated to the Thai Tourism Fund to rebuild and develop the country ’s tourism industry chain, provide passengers with security during their travel, and may cover new coronary pneumonia insurance.

  The Minister of Tourism and Sports of the country, Pippa, stated that all passengers who enter the country by sea, land or air will be charged a tourist tax. Taxes for passengers travelling by air will be added to the price of the ticket, and land and sea passengers will be taxed. It is still under study. The authorities intend to announce the implementation details before the fourth quarter of this year, so that tourists can be prepared.

  The Director of the Tourism Bureau Yutaza believes that as long as Thailand puts forward a clear plan on how to effectively use the tourism fund and at the same time benefit international tourists, there should be no obstacles to the implementation of the tourism tax. The Tourism Authority of Thailand predicts that the number of visitors this year will be only 14 million, the lowest in 14 years.

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