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Millions diagnosed in Europe, many states face pressure to unblock

The cumulative number of new European crown virus diagnoses officially exceeded 1 million on Sunday (April 19), making it the most severely affected area in the world. In addition, the cumulative death toll in Europe also exceeded 100,000 on Sunday. More than three-quarters of confirmed cases in Europe are concentrated in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, and the combined cumulative cases of these five countries exceed 750,000.

Even so, the latest figures reported by France and Italy on Sunday both showed a slight downward trend. The number of fatalities on Sunday in Italy was 433, which was the lowest single-day fatalities in a week. At the same time, the number of single-day diagnosed cases in Italy also dropped from 3491 the previous day to 3047. However, the extent of the slowdown in Italy’s epidemic is still not as obvious as experts expected.

On the same day, the number of deaths and deaths in France fell to 395, which is much lower than the previous day. French Prime Minister Philip said: “Our anti-epidemic measures have begun to work.” At present, France’s cumulative number of fatalities is 19349, ranking fourth in the world. However, experts also warned that the latest data from France on Sunday may be affected by the data collection, so the authenticity remains to be seen. In addition, the number of deaths reported by Spain on Sunday also dropped from 565 the previous day to 410, which also increased the cumulative number of deaths in Spain to 20453.

US states face pressure to lift blockade
On the same day, the governors of multiple states in the United States stated that they were trying to find a balance between controlling the epidemic and reducing the impact of the epidemic on the economy and people’s lives, but this also brought them considerable pressure. Both Maryland and Virginia on the east bank said they must wait for the outbreak to ease before they can lift the blockade.

The governors of other states believe that they need to do more testing before they can consider gradually lifting the blockade. However, many states face the dilemma of insufficient testing tools. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said in an interview with CNN that the state seemed to be fighting a biochemical war, but faced a shortage of resources.

To assist states in coping with pressure, US President Trump announced on Sunday evening that he would launch the National Defense Production Act of 1950, allowing US factories to increase the production capacity of new coronavirus detection tools to more than 20 million sets per month. He said at a regular press conference on Sunday: “This decision will make it very easy for us to increase the production capacity of inspection tools. It is easy for us to manufacture more inspection tools, but it is difficult to manufacture more respirators. “

Previously, public health experts have stated that if the United States wants to gradually unblock, it must increase the amount of detection by two to three times. Many industry players also reiterated this consideration in a conference call with Trump last week. The multi-state governor also complained to Trump on Sunday about the lack of resources to increase the amount of testing, and said that Trump ’s criticism of the states ’reluctance to increase the amount of testing is completely wrong.

In an interview with CNN, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said: “The government should not declare that the states have sufficient testing tools, and the governor only needs to start testing to solve the problem. This statement is completely wrong. My goal is to Under the premise of security, Maryland will lift the blockade as soon as possible. “

On the same day, the United States added 25,655 confirmed cases and 1,540 deaths, increasing the cumulative number of diagnoses and deaths to 764447 and 40554. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday that the epidemic in the state has gradually slowed down, but this is not the time to be proud.

He emphasized that the cooperation between the federal government and the state government has enabled New York State to successfully slow the epidemic, but he also reiterated that if the federal government cannot provide more assistance to the states, some states with financial difficulties will fall into a new crisis. He said: “Some states may be forced to cut hospital budgets during the New Crown Outbreak due to insufficient resources.”

British government: Johnson always has the latest information
At the same time, in the face of criticism that the British Prime Minister Johnson was absent from several major epidemic prevention meetings, the British government came forward on Sunday and said that the Prime Minister has always kept up to date with the latest information since the outbreak and issued appropriate anti-epidemic orders in a timely manner. An official added in an interview with Sky TV: “The Prime Minister is currently in good condition.”

The United Kingdom added 5850 confirmed cases and 596 deaths on Sunday, increasing the cumulative number of diagnoses and deaths to 120067 and 16060. The country has entered a full blockade since March 23, and last week the British government announced the extension of the national blockade until the end of April.

British Minister of Education Williamson (Gavin Williamson) said on Sunday that he currently cannot guarantee when the UK will reopen the school.

China’s confirmed cases decline again
The Chinese National Health and Health Commission released the latest data on Monday morning. China has added 12 confirmed cases and 0 deaths, increasing the cumulative number of diagnoses and deaths to 82747 and 4632. Of the 12 new confirmed cases, 8 For overseas imports, 4 cases were local cases. No new confirmed cases have occurred in Hubei Province.

In addition, China also added 49 asymptomatic infected persons on the same day, including 5 imported asymptomatic infected persons imported from abroad. At present, there are still 990 asymptomatic patients in China undergoing medical observation.

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