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France added 427 confirmed diagnoses with a total of 2.4 deaths

France announced the addition of 427 cases of newly diagnosed new coronary pneumonia, with a total of 24087 deaths.

The French epidemic is easing. 

Among all deaths, hospital deaths accounted for 15053 cases, an increase of 243 in the past 24 hours; social medical institutions, including nursing homes for disabled elderly people, had 9034 deaths, an increase of 184 in the past 24 hours.

The number of inpatients was 26,834, a decrease of 650 from the previous day and the number of patients receiving intensive treatment also decreased. 4207 people are receiving treatment, a decrease of 180 from the previous day. It shows that the epidemic is easing.

France has a total of 128,442 confirmed diagnoses, which is a decrease from the previous day. Prime Minister Philippe announced earlier that the blockade measures will be gradually relaxed from May 11th. The French Minister of Labor said that due to the epidemic, a total of 890,000 companies applied for 11.3 million employees “Unemployment” assistance.

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