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ANA is still “full” under the ANA epidemic

Under the scourge of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the global aviation industry has been hit hard. Major airlines in Japan are currently using passenger aircraft to transport goods because of reduced international flights. In addition to the original ordinary cargo hold, even the original passenger seats were used to place cargo. From the photos distributed by ANA on social media, it can be seen that a box of boxes of masks and protective clothing and other medical materials are filled in the cabin passenger seat.

The ANA airliner is loaded with medical supplies. 
(Net image)

According to a report from Asahi Shimbun, ANA began to use the Shanghai to Haneda flight to carry cargo on the 22nd of this month. Carton boxes filled with masks make the cabin almost “passenger”. Compared to simply using the cargo cabin, it can increase the transportation energy by up to 40%. ANA is also currently discussing whether to extend this method to other routes to cope with the recent surge in demand for medical supplies.

Japan Airlines JAL also began to use the luggage above the cabin to place the delivery goods on the 20th of this month, mainly for transporting masks and other medical supplies.

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