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After the quarantine and quarantine officers and soldiers will return to the “Roosevelt” on duty

The US Navy aircraft carrier “Roosevelt” broke out a new coronary pneumonia epidemic a few months ago, and triggered the storm that Captain Crozier was dismissed. At that time, a large number of officers and men were arranged to go ashore in Guam for isolation and quarantine. The officers and soldiers who are not sick are now isolated and will return to the ship on duty in the next few days.

Officers and soldiers of the “Roosevelt” ended their quarantine and returned to the ship on duty. 
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Military personnel said that hundreds of officers and soldiers who had completed isolation and quarantine and determined that there were no illnesses would board the “Roosevelt” and return to their posts in the next few days. In the past month, they have been arranged to stay in Guam hotels, fitness rooms and other facilities to isolate themselves.

The “Roosevelt” visited a Vietnamese port a few months ago. Later, some officers and soldiers were diagnosed with the New Coronary Pneumonia virus. Due to the overcrowded environment on the ship and the large number of people on board, it is impossible to completely isolate the patient, resulting in the rapid spread of the virus. At that time, Captain Crozier wrote a letter to the top of the Ministry of Defense for help. The letter leaked and the media reported extensively, which caused a storm. Crozier was praised as a “hero”, but senior military officials criticized him for improper handling and lack of judgment, and he was dismissed. This move once caused dissatisfaction among the lower-level soldiers and their families.

Over the past month, the staff has thoroughly disinfected every inch of the “Roosevelt”. The spokesman said that some areas on the ship that had been closed had been unsealed, allowing officers and men to return to their posts. The first ships to be boarded will be officers and men who perform necessary tasks, including those who manage the ship ’s nuclear reactors.

As of yesterday, of the 4,800 people in the entire ship, 940 were diagnosed with the New Coronary Pneumonia virus, and 29 of them had recovered after treatment. The diagnosed patient must be negative on both tests before being assessed for rehabilitation, and then be arranged to return to duty on board.

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