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After shaking hands with 75 students, the red teacher defeated the new crown pneumonia to become a role model for students

A primary school teacher in the United States, David Jamison, released a video of shaking hands with 75 students in October last year, and became popular. During the ravages of new coronary pneumonia in March, he was unfortunately infected. During this period, his condition repeated. Share your anti-epidemic experience and counsel people who have experienced trauma.

After shaking hands with 75 students, the popular teacher David Jamison successfully defeated the new crown pneumonia, actively fighting the disease, and becoming a role model for students. 
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David Jamison released a movie in December last year. The movie was reprinted by multiple media. He shook hands with 75 students before the class. Although each student shook hands in a different way, he remembered it firmly. This teacher is very attentive to every student.

However, during the raging period of New Coronary Pneumonia, David unfortunately contracted the disease. At the beginning of the illness, he thought he was flu and was diagnosed with New Coronary Pneumonia after being examined. He said that he was very scared at that time, because he saw many news that the disease claimed countless lives. After receiving a month of treatment, David slowly recovered and was once tested negative, but then regained yang. In the face of repeated illness, he reminded himself to maintain a positive attitude in order to fight the disease.

A few days ago, David announced that he had finally defeated New Coronary Pneumonia. He said that after he became ill, he could deeply understand the value of health, and at the same time be able to experience how to deal with people who have experienced trauma, including his own students. After recovering, David’s first thing he wanted to do was meet his students, but he hasn’t yet been able to attend classes, so David looks forward to the Zoom courses with the students.

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