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Accumulatively diagnosed more than 5.8 million people worldwide, nearly 360,000 people died, Boston Marathon canceled for the first time

The number of people infected with the new crown virus exceeded 5.8 million, and nearly 360,000 people died.

The number of diagnoses in the United States rose to more than 17.65 million, and more than 100,000 died. Boston Mayor Walsh announced the cancellation of the 2020 Boston Marathon. This is the first time the race has been cancelled in 124 years.

The number of people infected with the new crown virus exceeded 5.8 million, and nearly 360,000 people died.  AP map
The number of people infected with the new crown virus exceeded 5.8 million, and nearly 360,000 people died. 
AP map

The prison is one of the “severe disaster areas” in the US epidemic. As of 28th, there were 105 confirmed cases of new crowns in the Huttonsville Correctional Center in West Virginia. The patients were all detainees; more than 200 pack units in Texas Five people died of infection; in California, more than 600 people in Chino Men ’s Prison were infected and 9 people died.

The cumulative number of diagnoses in Brazil after the epidemic second only to the United States has also increased to more than 438,000, with more than 26,000 deaths. Brazil on Thursday (28th) added more than 26,000 confirmed cases, the largest single-day increase in the country. The cumulative number of confirmed cases has exceeded 438,000 cases. In addition, a study by the University of Paris in France showed that the death rate of new coronary pneumonia among young Brazilians is almost two-thirds higher than in developed countries.

In Russia, 8,371 new people were diagnosed, and a total of nearly 380,000 people were diagnosed. Another 174 people died in a single day, and a total of more than 4,000 people died. Moscow Mayor Sobyanin said on the 28th that the restrictions imposed by Moscow on epidemic prevention will continue until the vaccine is developed. However, he also emphasized that this does not mean “to close life”, Moscow has begun a transition to normal life.

The epidemic situation in Western European countries is gradually slowing down, and many countries are gradually loosening control measures. France announced on the 28th that it will enter the second phase of “unblocking” on June 2. If the epidemic continues to be controlled by the 21st, it will enter the third stage. The United Kingdom will implement the next stage of unblocking measures from June 1st; Italy announced that Serie A will restart on June 20th.

The cumulative number of diagnoses in India has exceeded 158,000. The slum infections in the country continued to deteriorate. On the 28th, 36 newly diagnosed cases in the slums of the Talavi slums in Mumbai increased to 1,675.

A total of 16,759 cases have been diagnosed in Japan. In view of the fact that the state of emergency has been lifted on the 25th, Tokyo, Japan, is discussing further relaxation of store business restrictions. However, in the past 3 days, the number of new cases in Tokyo has rebounded, and the city government plans to make a final judgment on the 29th based on the current situation.

A total of 124,482 confirmed cases and 3,696 deaths were reported in Africa.

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